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Home Happenings: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Redesigning or Redecorating Your Home

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Accent Chairs Add Flare To A Room

With so many TV shows and magazines focusing on home fashion trends, almost everyone has some degree of interest in decorating and design. Whether you are updating your kitchen or sprucing up your living room, there are some questions you should ask yourself before you get started.

Leather Sofa

Sectionals are wonderful way to add more seating capacity to any room

1. What is your budget? 

Once you get started, you’ll discover quite a few variables in home décor. However, one thing is certain: Budget will dictate the extent of what you can do. Ripping cabinets and flooring out of the kitchen will cost substantially more than painting the existing cabinets and adding some throw rugs. Determine your budget before you get started so you at least have some idea of what you have to work with.  

2. What are your priorities? 

Do you need a more open space that involves knocking down a wall or two? Or is it more important to replace the appliances that are on their last legs? Perhaps the sofa is threadbare and needs to be replaced. Determine the importance of all the tasks you want to tackle and list them in order.


Home Decor Pieces

Accent pieces are a great way to bring together the colours of your room.

3. Do you want to do it yourself or work with a professional? 

If you don’t trust your personal taste in decorating and worry that you’ll make a costly mistake, consider hiring an interior decorator or deal with experience furniture experts. Ask what he or she charges. Remember that industry professionals often get discounts on goods and services, so you may save money on the back end. Chances are, you’ll save time too, so if you’re in a hurry to finish the project, this might be your best bet. Always have a signed contract before you even get started.  

There are some things you can easily do yourself, so it might be silly to hire a professional. For example, changing out the pictures on the walls, adding pillows to your sofa, and even painting furniture for a fresher, more updated look can be done as a weekend project. However, when you start eyeing electrical, plumbing, or structural changes, unless you have experience, you’re better off calling a professional. Make sure anyone you hire has a license and references, and don’t be afraid to check on them.


Quality Sofas will last for years.

4. How much should you pay for furniture? 

Most experts recommend purchasing the best quality furniture you can afford. Look for a company that offers a guarantee. If you have a tight budget, watch for sales. Don’t think you have to purchase everything all at once. You can start with a few main pieces and add more as your budget allows.  

Carefully choose where you spend your money. Anything that bears weight, such as a sofa or chair, should be extremely well built. If you plan to keep the item for many years, look for the highest quality you can afford. Don’t spend as much on items that are on-trend and will probably be replaced in a year or two.  


Neutral Foundation Pieces anchor a room like this neutral sofa.

5. What colours should you use? 

Starting with a neutral foundation and working out from there can make your decorating task much less daunting. If you have a sofa in any shade of brown, black, navy, gray, taupe, or beige, you can accent with whatever colours you are in the mood for each season. There is no reason to feel that you must stick with one tone of wood; it’s perfectly fine to mix and match light, dark, and medium shades for a more personalized look.

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Home Happenings: 7 Tips On Decorating Your Coffee Table

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Coffee Tables

Stunning Statue Can Be A Great Conversation Piece

The coffee table is the source of many headaches for any would-be home decorator. It needs to be attractive and functional at the same time. Overdo the attractive part and it won’t look or function as a coffee table. Do too little and it’ll sit in a corner, ignored and gathering dust.

What Should Be on Your Coffee Table

The composition of a coffee table, or what’s actually on it, is what drives a lot of people up the wall. A good rule of thumb to follow is to make sure that whatever you put on it should follow a theme. That theme is up to you. It could be a style that you like, or even just a colour. What is important is that they go together.

You should keep in mind the size of each item. Too big and the coffee table is useless for anything else. Too small and people won’t notice it and it won’t affect the visual appeal of the table.

General Tips

Coffee Table

Mix your items up

•  Mix up your items in terms of looks and design. Pair straight items with curved ones, or shiny ones with items that have a matte surface. Whatever contrasts you decide to go with, make sure that they still fit the theme that you want for your coffee table.

•  If you really don’t know what to put on your coffee table, you can’t go wrong with a bowl of flowers. You can use it as a centrepiece, or to offset a stack of books.

•  A small tray might serve your coffee table well if you decided to add pencils and paper to it. It can help keep things organized. If you’re feeling practical you can also use that tray to store keys and various remotes.

•  If you have a small but interesting item lying around and you don’t know where to put it, why not put it on your coffee table? It can serve as both a centrepiece and a conversation starter.

•  Seasonal items such as pine cones and seashells can also work if you’re the type of person who gets rid of one setup or look quickly.

•  If there is anything you shouldn’t put on your coffee table, it is items that must be viewed at a specific angle. Picture frames, for example, give you a choice between facing it outward, making it useless to people sitting at the table, or sitting inward, which makes the table look closed off.

•  If you’re having trouble picking a theme, consider the rest of the room. If the rest of the room has a colour scheme or a style, consider using that as a launching point for deciding what to put on the table.

A successful home décor effort requires you to balance function and style. If you’re not sure if you crowded the table, chances are that you’ve put too much on it. Just keep the function of the coffee table in mind and you should have a good looking and workable one in no time.

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