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The Perfect Furniture For A Man Cave

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Man Cave Bar

Create a serene environment in your man cave with this bar that has a built in fireplace.

By Richard 

With the Super Bowl just a few weeks away and the hockey playoffs on the horizon, now is the perfect time to purchase new furniture for your man cave. Luckily, we have the perfect suggestions for sprucing up that man cave and turning it into the perfect hideaway. Impress your friends with our picks below.

We have recliners that even have your favourite hockey team emblem attached! Cool eh?


There is no better way to watch the big game than by relaxing in a comfortable recliner. Ensure every guest is able to watch in comfort as well by purchasing a few recliners for your man cave. Depending on how much care you want to put into maintaining the recliners depends on which types of recliners you should purchase. For example, leather has a longer life than ordinary recliners, but to keep its ideal look, you will have to maintain it for the life of the recliner. Plus, leather is usually more expensive than regular recliners. We can help you to find a happy medium, so give us a visit and allow us to find the perfect recliners for your next big game!

Great stools with full back for extra comfort; matching bar cabinet keeps your beverage choices organized.

Bars and Bar Stools

A man cave without a bar is like an automobile without an engine: in other words, it’s mandatory. Nobody likes drinking while standing up, and you probably don’t want your friends drinking in your new recliners. Besides, the best place to enjoy a few cold ones is directly at the bar, and that’s where your new bar stools will come into play.  We also have a host of bars.  You don’t need to have something custom built to create a bar in your man cave.

Your man cave can have a contemporary style

Card table

While this is optional, a solid card table can really bring a man cave together during poker night. If you have the space for a large, round card table, stick it in the corner of your man cave and complete the set with a few (cheap) fold-out chairs and colourful poker chips. With a full bar and a few cigars to share with the guys, you’re bound to make your next poker night a huge success.

Go Big Or Go Home…We have lighting that will suit any space

Unique Lighting and Wall Art

A man cave is required to have decorations – that’s just the way it is. Decorate your man cave with posters of your favourite sports team, films, bands, etc. You will be surprised how a few posters and pictures can transform your man cave from looking boring to being full of life.

Be sure to dress your space with unique lighting as well. Remember the card table we mentioned earlier? A hanging lamp hanging above the table would be a perfect way add unique lighting to your space. Signs with lighting are also a great idea for decorating the man cave. Again, you will be amazed how a few unique lights can transform your man cave from drab to awesome!


Entertainment Centre

Entertainment Centres are essential for any man cave.

Entertainment centre

Finally (and perhaps the most important item in this list), every man cave needs an entertainment centre. How else are you going to watch the big game without one? It’s a great idea to purchase an entertainment centre that has a lot of room for other items too, such as gaming consoles, Blu-Ray/DVD players, films, music, games, etc. There is nothing better than sitting around and enjoying the big game or playing a few rounds of your favourite multiplayer video game, and an entertainment centre will allow you to do this in comfort and style.

How to Decorate a Child’s Bedroom

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Bedroom Sets That Will Transition with your kids.

By Richard

Think decorating your child’s room is as simple as placing a bed, dresser, and toy chest into the bedroom? Think again. When decorating a child’s bedroom, you literally have to get into the mind of your child. The furniture you purchased for your own bedroom isn’t suited for your child, which brings us to our first tip: purchase furniture that is height-appropriate. Buying an ordinary coat rack or dresser isn’t going to be used if your child cannot reach all of the drawers, hangers, etc.

Interestingly enough, this logic doesn’t apply to the child’s bed…

Don’t buy a twin-sized bed 

When your toddler is ready to graduate to a real bed, you may be tempted to purchase a twin-sized bed to accommodate their size. Don’t. Instead, buy a queen-sized bed. Although they may be small enough to fit comfortably into a twin-sized bed now, in a few years (or whenever they hit their growth spurt), they will outgrow the bed. It’s better to purchase a bed that’s a little too big for them now and allow them to grow into it instead of having to purchase two beds.

If you’re worried they won’t be able to crawl into the bed, buy a child’s stool. This will allow them to reach their new bed with ease while also aiding them with reaching other areas of the home (such as the kitchen cabinet where you hide his/her favourite snacks).


You can easily add a book case to this set that will las your teen a lifetime.

Buy built-in shelves

Instead of buying a bookshelf and other shelves that will take up floor space, buy built-in shelves and install them into the walls. Not only do built-in shelves save on room space and look great, but it will also give you even more room for the child’s book, trophies, figurines, and other items they want to display. Moreover, when the child leaves for college and you want to turn his/her bedroom into a study or den, built-in shelves will allow you to make this transition with relative ease.


Buy it for life

It pays (literally) to invest in a few high-quality items that your child will be using for years to come – but invest in furniture that makes sense. For example, if you are on a budget, there is no reason to purchase an expensive toy box whenever the child will probably stop using it when he/she transitions into adolescence. Yet, the dresser you purchase for the child as a toddler will almost certainly be used when the child has become a teenager; the same goes for the child’s bed as well. Purchase items made to last decades – but purchase these high-end, expensive items wisely. If it can be used by anyone at any age, it’s fair game. 

Lighting is a must

Ensure that you purchase different types of lighting for the child’s bedroom: a desk lamp for doing homework, a side table lamp whenever the child wants to read, and so on. Lighting not only helps the child to play and do homework with ease, but it will also keep them from damaging their eyes due to a lack of light. Plus, getting up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night won’t be such a chore when they can flick on a lamp by their bed and navigate throughout their room.

Don’t forget to drop into our showroom at Guaranteed A Fine Furniture 4735 Tecumseh Road. East Windsor, Ontario.  We would love to help you in creating the perfect bedroom for your kids.

Have a great day



Choosing The Perfect Dining Room Set

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Dining Room Sets

The dining room is one of the most important rooms of the home. Not only is it a place where most of your dining takes place, but it’s also a room where great conversation takes place. When you think about it, the dining room is the space where many of your most cherished home memories will take place. Thus, when choosing a new dining room set, you need to take the process very seriously.

But where do you start? That’s where we come in. Below are a few tips to aid you on your quest to picking the ideal dining room set for the home. Follow our advice, and you will cherish your new dining room set for many years to come.

The table

The centrepiece of your entire dining room, you need to take a few things into consideration when choosing your table: most notably how many people will be using the table regularly. Ensure the table fits snuggly into your dining room area as well, all the while allowing enough room for family members/guests to find their seats (more on seats in a moment) and to sit food appropriately. Measure the space where you want your dining room table to sit, and we can find you a proper table that will fit perfectly into your desired space.

Determine if your table will be used for other purposes besides meals. For example, if your table is practically an extension of your family room or kitchen, it’s safe to say that it will also be used for other tasks such as homework, playing games, prepping food, etc. Thus, you will want a dining room table that has a more casual style and a surface that cannot be easily damaged.

Dining room seats 

A dining room table without the proper seating is like a ship without a sail: it may look beautiful, but if you can’t sit at the table properly, the entire table/seating set is worthless. Choose dining room seating that compliments the style of your dining room table and blends properly. You also need to consider how firm you want your dining room chairs to be. Do you prefer soft, upholstered seating that is comfortable but is susceptible to stains, or firm, stain-free wooden chairs? It’s a choice only you can decide for yourself.

China cabinet

Choosing a China cabinet depends solely on your preferred style. Do you want a classic look? Consider purchasing a China cabinet made out of blonde wood. Prefer a more romantic look? You may want a China cabinet with a dark, espresso finish.

Unsure about what you will be storing in the cabinet? Play it safe and chose a cabinet that sports adjustable shelves. This will ensure that no matter what you want to store, you will have the flexibility to store it in the proper manner.

Just like your dining table, you must also measure the space you want to place the China cabinet. Once again, measure your space and bring them to us so we can find a perfect China cabinet for your home.

This also applies to your buffet and sideboards selections as well.


Bring your space together by choosing the ideal chandelier for the room. The chandelier should blend in perfectly with your home’s architectural style. For example, if your home has a modern look, consider choosing a chandelier that has a simple, clean, and contemporary look.

Ensure that you have about 30-inches between your dining room table and the bottom of your chandelier’s fixture, and that you can place it above the middle of the dining room table. Moreover, choose a chandelier that matches the style of your dining room table. For instance, if your table is a brown, oval shape in a architecturally traditional home, consider purchasing a round chandelier with a dark, wood finish.

Finally, choose a chandelier that offers the best amount of light possible. You don’t want your dining room area to be too light or too dark, so ensure that your chandelier is able to fill the space with the proper amount of light. If you want to be certain that your chandelier provides your guests with the perfect amount of light, consider installing a dimmer switch into your dining room area.

Choosing dining room set may seem difficult, but at A Guaranteed Fine Furniture, we’re here to help. If you have any questions, please visit us and allow us to help you find the absolute best dining room set for your dining room area. We know you will be glad that you did!