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Archives: November 2019

Christmas Decor

How to Introduce Christmas Décor Into Your Home

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It seems like Christmas is, ‘coming around the corner,’ sooner every year. Just when it feels like you’re putting away the decorations and getting back to normal life, it’s time to pull out the tinsel and ornaments yet again. What if there was a better way to be original and actually add Christmas décor into your home that’s actually meaningful? 

There is. Stop our showroom today and  discover how we plan to bring new life into your home’s décor this holiday season. Until then, discover a few keen ideas that are worth integrating into your home’s spaces just in time for that epic family visit! 

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How to Decorate Your Home For Winter

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There is nothing more exhilarating than decorating your home for Winter. Your Christmas decorations are finally brought out of the attic and adorned across your home for the world to see. It’s truly a magical time. But what if it’s time to update your Winter décor and approach it in a different manner? 

Leave it to our showroom to assist you with adding new Winter décor to your home. Stop by Guaranteed A Fine Furniture and discover how we can transform your home into the Winter wonderland of your dreams. Until then, consider a few quick tips on how to decorate your home for Winter. 

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