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Five Home Decorating Tips To Make Your Small Living Room Liveable

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Sofa Bed

This love seat opens to queen size bed. A great example of hardworking furniture

Decorating for a small living room can be a challenge. In Windsor/Essex county, we know that some of you live in homes that are over 100 years old, and they tended to have been smaller living space. But there is no reason to give up home decor style in any of these homes with all their character. You just need to have a plan, some creativity and follow a few simple decorating tips to make it work. Today, I am going to give to you five tips to make your living room more liveable, efficient, and stylish.

Home Decorating

Colourful accessories is how you can add colour to a small space but keep your wall colour light.

Colour: I love the bold colours that are trendy but in a small space you are needed to limit them to your accessories. In a small space, you want light colours on your walls and sofa. You can add some colour panache with your accessory pillows where they can be contrasting bold colour.

Home Decorating

T.V. consoles are a great way to create a focal point, add storage and be gallery for your treasures

TV Focal Point: In a small space, your living room is also your family room. Your television and entertainment unit should be the focal point of the room. I like televisions that are mounted on the wall where shelving is floated around the television. The shelving can be used for a mixture of things like displaying art work, books or plants. I also love self-contained entertainment units. They are functional with their drawers for storage and open shelving for art work and books. Both options are great at keeping your living room space decluttered.

Home Decorating

This fantastic sectional is perfect to stretch out on and relax. Added bonus, it converts to a queen size bed.

Hardworking furniture: You need a sofa or sectional that not only looks great but works for you. You need to pick a sofa/sectional that is sleek and tailored. Unfortunately, in a small space, you cannot have oversized arm rest and backs. Further, you do have the option of picking pieces that turn into a bed for company or for a husband who snores!! Nesting tables are also great for small spaces. Have you ever thought about flanking your doorways with bookshelves? If you do this, you give yourself a great deal of storage and gallery space. Baskets and small cabinets are great for storage and adding depth and character to the space.

Mirrors: Mirrors are fantastic not only creating the illusion of a big space but for reflecting light. You want to have a large mirror and put it on a wall that has no window. Ideally, it would look amazing if it was directly opposite or adjacent to a window where it would capture light for the room.

Home Decorating tips

This is an example of how lighting can brighten up a corner.

Lighting: My guess is you are starting to see a pattern here about giving a small space light and reflection. And the lighting you pick should be again “light”. You do want heavy chandeliers or pillar lamps. You are looking for lamps that are light in colour and cast soft white light. Your lamps should be placed in a dim lit corner again for creating the illusion of a bigger space.

Remember when decorating a small space, keep your colours light, furniture functional, lots of lighting and be creative when creating storage.

Stop by Guaranteed A Fine Furniture where one of our design specialist will help you create the perfect room no matter the size of the space. With over 50 years in the fine furniture and home decorating business, there is no challenge that we cannot overcome.