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Sweet Dreams: New Rocking Bed

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“Rock A By Baby”

We all know the benefits of gently rocking a baby to sleep. But what about us!

Does rocking help us ADULTS sleep better? Will it induce us into a sound a slumber?

Dr.Michael J. Breus, wrote in the Huffington Post the following: “Researchers at the University of Geneva, Switzerland tested the effects of rocking on sleep in a dozen adult men between the ages of 22 and 38. All the men involved were good sleepers — none were suffering from any sleep or anxiety disorders and they were well-rested at the time of the experiment. Researchers created a special bed that mimicked the rocking of a hammock and had the men take two 45-minute naps. During one nap the bed gently rocked and during the other nap the bed remained still. While their subjects slept, researchers measured brain activity using an electroencephalogram (EEG).

Here’s what they found:

Every one of the participants fell asleep more quickly during their rocking nap.

A majority (eight out of 12) said they found the rocking nap “more pleasant” than the nap on the stationary bed.

During the rocking nap, all of the sleepers moved more quickly from Stage 1 to Stage 2 of their sleep cycle. Stage 2 is where we typically spend half of our sleep time over the course of a night.

While rocking, sleepers showed significant increases in the types of brain-wave activity that are specifically associated with deeper, more restful and more continuous sleep.” (07/06/11)

Why does this matter to a furniture guy?

Well, we available in our store a bed that rocks which is available in the following sizes: king, queen, double or single. The bed gently rocks to provide you with just the right amount sleep inducement to give you that desired relaxation we all need after a long days work.

The other advantage to the bed is that it doesn’t have to rock; it can be converted into a stationary bed when you want it to be stationary. It can also be adjusted for those who have circulation issues where the feet are raised above the head or if you just want to be comfortable watching television it can be adjusted to elevate your head and chest.

Who doesn’t want a great night sleep? Boaters have anecdotally known for years that gentle rocking that the sea provides makes for a restful night sleep. Now, you can have the same experience without the docking fees and the fuel cost.

Further, our bed does not look like one of those therapeutic beds that belong in the hospital. As you can see from the photo, it framed elegantly. The framing can be brushed nickel finish or shiny silver. It is a very stylish piece for the discerning decorator.

Dr.Breus in the same article concluded the following, “ Based on these results, the researchers suggest that a rocking motion has the effect of helping to synchronize the brain for sleep — both to fall asleep more quickly and possibly to achieve longer periods of deep, uninterrupted sleep.”

So drop on by and let us show you how to incorporate this amazing bed into your home fashions.

Sweet Dreams, Richard.