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Here’s What To Expect From 2019 Interior Design Trends

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There is something exciting when contemplating 2019 interior design trends. Upcoming trends act as a roadmap, showing us where we’ve been over the last year and where we’re headed.

Each year’s interior design trend illustrates where we’re at as a society. Design is never just about the fashion or the look. Find out what we mean as we explore these exciting new interior design trends.

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We’ve seen the eighties slowly seeping back into mainstream culture over the last few years, and this 2019 interior design trend is when the decade finally makes a splash in interior design. From clothing styles to music to films and beyond, the exciting decade is back in a big way, but with modern twists.

The renaissance of terrazzo is a perfect example. Once condemned to being nothing more than an ancient, forgotten artifact of the 80’s, this interior design trend is back and is cropping up in coffee tables, wallpaper, and more.

Comfort becomes chic

The idea of comfort becoming a design trend isn’t anything new, but in 2019, interior design trends all point to this being the year where comfortability becomes chic. This trend is ripe to integrate warm colours and calming tones complete with soft textures in items that signify comfort: blankets, pillows, and even your sofa and bed sheets.

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Pantone Colour of the Year

Speaking of comfortability becoming a part of 2019 interior design trends, we’d like to introduce you to Living Coral: according to Pantone, the 2019 colour is destined to embrace your home with, “warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment.” It’s a fun colour you can implement into your home; thanks to its versatility, the sky is the limit with what you can do with it. Living Coral curtains in the living room? On the bedsheets? Even in the bathroom via sets of towels? Take your pick!

Fine furniture that uses tempered lighting

Look forward to seeing this 2019 interior design trend everywhere in the next decade. For now, you’ll see it become one of the more popular interior design trends this year. Credit goes to designer Patricia Urquiola for creating a method for using tempered light as feather glass that encompasses veins that feel at home in marble. Currently utilized in oval tables, it’s mesmerizing to stare at. What makes it so amazing is how it doesn’t look like a solid mass, yet it clearly is.

Embracing the natural

See a pattern here? The 2019 interior design trends are all about getting back to your roots; embracing the moment, staying grounded, and becoming one with the natural world. It’s about what makes you happy despite a chaotic world and welcoming materials such as granite, stone, and copper to integrate amazing décor. Windsor homes are going to look even more amazing in 2019 thanks to this beautiful, encompassing a fresh look that makes the perfect way to end the decade. We know you’ll think so too.