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How to choose a headboard

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Your headboard can work as a comfortable backrest, but with a little creativity it can also become the focal point of your room.

Once you find a great headboard, it can become a main feature of your bedroom for years to come.

It’s important to make an educated choice when it comes to long-lasting furniture. You’re going to want to find a headboard with the features you need — back support, storage, etc. You also need to find the right style that suits your space, while keeping an eye out for quality.

What features am I looking for in headboard?

Gone are the days of the static headboard. With many materials to choose from, your modern-day headboard can have a subtle style or it can be a stunning accent piece. There are also additional features, such as shelving, storage, and lighting.


Shelving is a great option for your headboard. You can display ornaments or even books, which are then easy to grab before bed. You can also attach shelves on each side of the bed, eliminating the need for a nightstand. Add a lamp or lighting feature to your headboard, and you’re ready to read.

Storage is a precious commodity in the bedroom, which is why headboard storage has become so important. Some designs offer built-in cabinets, which are great for storing clothes. You might even store an extra blanket for colder nights.

What should I avoid when buying a headboard?

Your headboard should be a quality piece of furniture, no matter the material or style you choose. Inspect every headboard, keeping an eye out for cracks, scratches, or a wobbling base. Cracks and scratches indicate a headboard that isn’t durable, and a wobbly headboard may shift as you sleep.


It’s important to avoid any wildly trendy designs. Trends don’t last as long as your headboard will. Buy simple and timeless designs that you won’t want to change in a few years. Then you can add the latest trend ideas with pillows or nearby artwork.

Above all, though, always take proper measurements when purchasing a headboard. If you find a headboard you absolutely love, but you simply don’t have the space for it, it’s a waste of time. If you don’t have a way of attaching a headboard to your bed, look for a detached headboard that fastens to your wall.

What material is the headboard made of?

Wooden headboards easily match the many different bedroom styles. They can become the focal point of a more traditional bedroom décor, or they can accentuate a sleek, more modern design. Wooden headboards are versatile because of the different wood types to choose from, as well as the variety of finishes that can be used.

Metal headboards are considered the most versatile. Made from brass, aluminum, stainless steel, or wrought iron, a metal headboard is a perfect fit for most décor. Upholstered headboards are warmer, softer and more comfortable than the metal or wooden variety.

You can find a headboard covered in vinyl, velvet, leather and fake leather. They offer unique details and allow for stylish patterns, but it can be challenging to match upholstery to other furniture and décor.

No matter what material you choose, your headboard must be suitable for you. Make sure it’s made from quality material and has all the features you need. With the right plan in mind, your headboard can give you functionality, while serving as a centrepiece for your room.