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A cozy sectional couch grouped with a coffee table.

Choosing a Layout for a Sectional Sofa

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The sectional sofa is one of the most functional and convenient pieces of furniture you can incorporate into your living spaces. Whether you already own a sectional or you are thinking of buying one soon, you’ll need to ensure the layout of the room is optimal. It’s important to know which sectional sofas will fit into the layout you have in mind.

Here are tips for choosing the absolute best layout for your sectional sofa. Have questions? Stop by our showroom so we can work together to ensure you have a sectional sofa layout that works for your home.

Measure your space, avoid regret

For those that are shopping around for a new sectional sofa, it’s important that you measure your space before you begin shopping. It’s surprising how many people ‘eyeball’ their space thinking they can identify a sectional sofa that will be the perfect fit from sight alone. You must measure your space – do it twice, even. Make a note of the dimensions. It only takes a few minutes but will save you days of headache and stress.

What’s the traffic pattern look like?

Do you often have guests at your home, or will it just be you and your family? You need to create an appropriate traffic pattern for the sectional sofa. What goals you have for the space? Do you want it to be a place where family and guests can sit down and converse, or will it take on a more active role (e.g. a space for board games)? Know how you will primarily be using the sofa as you consider different layouts.

A sectional sofa with decor and chairs.

Layout for conversations

A conversational layout is versatile, allowing the sectional sofa to be the focal point of one area of the room. It also scales: if you have a larger room, a sectional sofa combined with a rug, coffee table and standalone chairs make it the perfect place to sit around and drink coffee for the evening. For smaller spaces, simply dial back the number of chairs or opt for a small round coffee table.

Put the sectional sofa close to other furniture for a cozy feel

For a personal touch with a cozy vibe, place the sectional sofa in a corner and place the furniture pieces tightly together. This means adding the coffee table, lamp, standalone chair(s), and other decorative elements close together to create a cottage feel that will prove to be the ultimate relaxant. Place it in the corner where you can easily see the television or add a bookshelf to the mix. However you want to relax in this space, this layout makes it happen.

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