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How to Choose the Right Side Table For Your Sofa

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A side table is one of those furniture pieces that must go with a sofa. It extends the sofa, acting as the hands of the couch that hold your personal items while you lounge. Side tables keep your space functional, and can even be used for storage.

Below are a few factors you must consider before choosing a side table. Have questions? Visit Guaranteed A Fine Furniture and let us help you find that perfect match in our showroom.

Know the height

One of the most important things to note when looking for a side table is that the surface area should be equal to or slightly below the height of your sofa’s arms. While you do not want a table that is too short for your sofa (its surface area shouldn’t be more than 4-5 inches shorter than the sofa’s arms), you absolutely do not want one that’s too tall. Measure your couch’s height before you look for a side table to narrow down your choices.

How functional does it need to be?

In other words, what do you need to use the side table for? If you’re only going to place a lamp, a coaster, and a drink then you can get away with a table that does less; even so it’s best to be proactive. What can you see your table being used for in the future? If you have several remotes or game controllers, consider the convenience of choosing a table that has one or more drawers. It’s all about knowing what your spaces require and choosing a table that appropriately matches those needs.

A side table sitting against a window, next to a couch.

Choose a side table that blends with your room’s style

Finding a high-quality piece of furniture is important, but the real beauty of a side table is that it can add such convenience to the room that you never notice it’s there. It should act as a background piece to ensure the space keeps its proper flow. Choose a side table that blends with your room’s style while meeting the rest of the factors listed above. A table that meets all three is the perfect piece for your home’s space.

Have questions? We have the solutions you need! Stop by our showroom today and let us address any concerns you may have.