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Find The Best Christmas Décor For Your Home

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It may be the most wondrous time of the year, but for so many of us the holidays are a Christmas décor nightmare. Ensuring your Christmas home décor looks its best (and garners compliments from your guests) can be headache inducing, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

With a few simple tips, you’ll be on your way to transforming your home to a Christmas village. In this blog, you’ll see how things like candles, untraditional wreaths and some organization will make this seemingly magical task seem effortless.

Declutter your home of old Christmas décor

Why do we never seem to throw away Christmas decorations? It’s important to do some much-needed Christmas house cleaning by consolidating all of the good stuff and throwing away the rest. School of Decorating has a great blog about decluttering in a few steps. Get all of the decorations out in the open, limit how many boxes you want to keep, then donate or trash the rest. Keep what you can, but don’t be wary of getting rid of those decorations you never end up using. You won’t miss them.


Oh Christmas tree

Think of your tree as the focal point of your Christmas décor: how you decorate it should reflect how the rest of your home looks and feels. For example, if you opt for a minimalist Christmas tree so the pine can shine brighter than your normal blinking lights, ensure your home’s interior is decorated in a minimalist manner as well. Prefer a bright and colourful tree? Utilize plenty of bright reds and greens throughout the rest of the home.

Wreaths don’t have to be traditional

If wreaths seem lifeless and boring, you’re not thinking about wreaths in the right manner. Wreaths can be one of the most exciting Christmas décor pieces in the home – and the more unique, the better. Consider ditching green wreaths altogether this year if you want to decorate differently and opt for wreaths that are popping with colour.

From golden wheat wreaths that incorporate a winter harvest feel while setting a holiday tone to table wreaths that put a spin on a holiday candle arrangement, wreaths are versatile, festive, and always fun. Hang up a square wreath, triangular wreath, pine cone wreath—it doesn’t matter what type—just go wild!


Natural Christmas home décor

Christmas lights are great, but it’s hard to beat the beauty of nature during the holiday season. Some of the best Christmas décor pieces are branches and pine cones found in your own backyard.

If you have a fireplace mantle, add cedar boughs and pine cones atop the mantle complete with LED lights (be sure they are LED; incandescent bulbs can warm up and ignite dry branches). Complete the look with silver and golden ornaments for good measure to have a mantle people are sure to envy. Have a bare staircase? Wrap a red ribbon around cedar boughs and pine cones, then attach them to the railings of the staircase.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without decorative candles

 Few things say Christmas better than a candle. Get creative with this year’s Christmas décor by giving a little outdoor ambiance with your candles. Place a candle on a window sill in your living room (or a bedroom, family room, anywhere where it can be seen from outside) for simple yet effective decor.


Consider displaying a few holiday candle lanterns strategically around your home; such lanterns create shapes and give a glow that just makes the entire room feel like Christmas. Moreover, consider utilizing festive candle displays that will truly bring any room together. A simple touch can go a long way, and that’s what makes candles so versatile when decorating for Christmas.

To find the right piece of furniture or special Christmas décor item that can complete your holiday design, please visit our showroom. We can help you to find the best items for decorating your home for Christmas, and we know you won’t be disappointed. Prepare for the holidays today!