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Christmas Staircase

Five Ways To Get The Best Christmas Staircase

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Why do staircases and Christmas seem to go hand-in-hand? When we think of the perfect Christmas staircase, our heads are filled with images of children looking over the banister as they watch Santa deliver their presents; others may harken back to their own childhood as they watch a Christmas party unfolding while they should be asleep.

At any rate, a staircase just begs to be decorated with the festivities of the holiday season; put your own personal stamp by choosing our unique methods when it’s time to find your Christmas staircase.

Candle-lit front door staircase

You can light up the stairs in front of your home by adding some candles on each step. They don’t have to be real candles (we definitely urge you to use LED if you choose to use this method to decorate your staircase for Christmas indoors).

Christmas Staircase

Gift pouches on the staircase

Here’s a fun idea: rather than traditional stockings, hang gift pouches on the staircase before Christmas morning. These pouches can be anything – from a coffee mug to an old, mini holiday popcorn tin. Using a ribbon, hang them from the top of each pole of the staircase so they’re hanging freely. Couple this with some unique garland (we suggest pine needle garland – more on that in a moment) to create a look that perfectly encapsulates the Christmas spirit.

Spell it out

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with those large, metal letters you’re bound to run into at any craft and hobby store, we’ve found a solution just in time for Christmas. Spell out any Christmas saying you

want, from a simple, ‘ho, ho, ho’ to a more complex ‘Merry Christmas.’ If you have a tall staircase, try spelling out ‘and happy New Year.’ You can usually find letters that feature Christmas colours this time of year; some even have lights if you want to go the extra mile.

Pine needle garland

Traditional garland is so overdone. Instead, opt for pine needle garland to make your staircase really pop. Because pine needles are much fuller than normal garland, it’s much more versatile. Choosing pine needles over typical garland may seem like a small choice that isn’t going to make much of an impact, but once you step back and take a look at what you’ve created we think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised.

Christmas Staircase

Mini-Christmas tree display

Want to feel like you’re walking through a Christmas tree forest every time you go up the stairs? Place small, matching tabletop Christmas trees on the sides of the steps of your staircase. While you probably shouldn’t do every step, especially if your staircase has a lot of steps in your home (and especially if these trees are going to be plugged in and lit). Every other or every third or fourth step will suffice. Play around with the idea and see what works best for your staircase. Just like our first suggestion, this method works well in front of your doorway too!

Christmas is just around the corner, so we have one question to ask. Are you ready to be the expert at Christmas staircase in your neighbourhood? Then stop by our showroom today and learn more about how to perfectly decorate your staircase for Christmas