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How To Choose Your Home Colour Scheme

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Having trouble choosing a home colour scheme to decorate your spaces? It isn’t easy. Figuring out the best colour to implement into the spaces of your home certainly has its challenges, particularly when you may not even know where to begin.

When you know when to use neutral colours, or you know where to use darks and whites, you’ll fell much more confident when making key decisions for your space.

Favourite pattern

Don’t know where to begin when choosing a home colour scheme? Think about your absolute favourite design in your home. This can be anything from a timeless rug that has been in your home for generations to that peculiar vase you found at a thrift store for a dollar.

Find a few hues you love in the pattern and think about applying them to your home’s spaces. Even if you don’t have a personal pattern with colours you love in your home, think about a particular design or colour you particularly like and build from there.

What do you wear?

Think about the types of colours you wear on a regular basis and what you’re comfortable wearing. Consider how the colours are going to look on you in your home. For example, if you hate wearing clothing that’s purple, orange, or another colour, don’t even think about implementing them into your home colour scheme. You won’t be comfortable with the colour scheme in your home, nor will it suit you. Even when the colour is trendy, you should avoid it if it’s not a fit for you. Be stylish, but true to your style.

Use white sparingly 

Knowing how to effectively use white can make all the difference when choosing a colour scheme. Yet, you need to know how to use it properly. No, not all whites are created equal. Depending on the situation of the room, implement white tones with certain qualities such as warmth or coolness.

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It’s best to decorate with white hues by layering. For example, a dining room with white walls would look great with a rustic amber table and chairs in the middle, further layered with a white fruit bowl in the middle. Have fun with it, but know when to use proper white hues.

Know when to use neutrals

Speaking of layering, a great way to offset colour (and especially whites) is with neutral shades. Neutrals not only mix well with other colours, they add extra depth to create a unique look that isn’t just a splash of bright yellow or dark green. Neutrals create their own vibe that bring the spaces together. Plus, they’re easier to look at and you won’t get sick of the look.

Dark-to-light, bottom to top

Keep your home colour scheme grounded by making the décor on your floor (e.g. rugs, foot rests) the darkest shades in the room. As the décor rises toward the ceiling, ensure that it’s lighter (e.g. curtains, trim along the bottom of the ceiling). This creates a warm tone that feels firm yet comfortable; elegant yet homely.

Need even more advice on choosing the perfect colour scheme? Look no further! Stop by our showroom so we can lend a hand!