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Colour Trends For 2015

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Gold is Back


If there is one thing that we can say about the furniture colour trends of 2015, it is this: if it was once old, it is new again. Moreover, if the colour seems stripped from nature, it is in season once more. 2015 is going to be a year of decorating change. It’s time to rethink colour and transition into the latter part of the ‘10s with these hot, new furniture colours.

Gold is in

As a whole, the look of the Renaissance is in style. Both bold and soft gold colours are one of the coolest new looks for 2015. From strong, gold trimming around the upholstery of a family chair to soft shades of gold accenting the armrests of a sofa, that classical look of elegance and sophistication is one of the signature looks of the year.


Accent Chairs

Bold Navy

Blue accents 

Blue is most certainly the new black of 2015. Greek blue, sour green with blue, glossy blue – it’s all fair game! If you want to give your furniture a beautiful dash of blue, consider placing any type of furniture throw with a blue accent atop the furniture. Feel free to use this tip every year as well, as it is a cheap and easy way to update your furniture with the year’s trendiest colour.



Olive Green Pillows Add Some Punch To Any Sofa

Olive green

As we mentioned a moment ago, colours that feel as if they belong in nature is one of the most in style trends of the year – and olive green is at the top. If you are tired of dark, bold furniture and you want to brighten up your room, you should seriously consider all of green; and who knows? The next time you fall asleep on your olive green sofa, you may literally feel as if you are falling asleep in a relaxing, calm forest.

Retro 60’s Furniture and Accents are hot this season

A look of the ‘60s

Thanks to hit television shows such as Mad Men, the look of the ‘60s is new again. Because colours of the 1960s used colours borrow from nature, this is one of the reasons why olive green is in such high demand. Other colours such as yellow, antique red, Tiger Lily, and so on are all stylish once more. If you want furniture that is as much of a throwback as it is a fashion statement, 60s-esque furniture is worthy of consideration.

Gray Is the New Neutral

Neutral gray

2015 is not just about bright, shiny colours; neutral gray is also a hot commodity. If you want furniture that blends in with anything but you are not keen on blue, the perfect substitute is neutral gray. Arguably, this could also be considered the ‘new black’ of 2015; it really depends on whom you ask. A surefire tone that is certain to blend in with the rest of your furniture, neutral gray is sophisticated while still subtle: the best of both worlds!