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How to Decorate Your Dining Table for a New Year’s Eve Dinner

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Whether you are having guests over for drinks or having family over for one more dinner before the New Year, it’s imperative that you properly decorate your dining room table for the festivities. Whether it’s time to update your New Year Eve dinner’s décor or you are decorating for the first time, consider adding these elements to your dining room table before the big dinner. Have questions? Stop by our showroom and learn more about what we can do to bring new life into your dining décor! 


Keep it simple 

If you do not want to make a huge deal about your dining room table, just keep it simple! Make everything uniform: including the saucers, dinner plates, and glassware. This will make everything seem neat, tidy, and geometrically sound.  

If you want to have some sort of theme. Use classic black and white ribbon to keep the silverware together. Place them in the center of each guest’s plate. For added effect, light candles along the middle of the table as a symbol of peace for the New Year. 

Metallic centerpiece 

To make a bold statement, consider placing your metallic centerpieces in the middle of the dining room table. These centerpieces could be anything, like brass candleholders with a candle or other metallic décor as a centerpiece. You can even use items like antique lanterns for a more rustic look. Use your imagination: just know that bold, thick metallic centerpieces are perfect for making a statement worth remembering! 

New years centrepiece

Personalized napkins 

No matter what kind of décor you opt for at this year’s New Year’s Eve dinner, do it in style with a set of personalized napkins. Use your imagination and get creative here. You can add a message of hope for the New Year or a witty saying that reflects your personality. If you want to get even more sentimental, use assigned seating and make a truly personal message for each guest. Make it come straight from the heart and it’s a guarantee this will be a New Year’s Eve dinner no one will forget! 

Classic red 

Of course, you could just adorn the dining room table with classic red décor! Using a red tablecloth, make a mark by adding red glassware, gold utensils, and red/white napkins to really set the scene for what is to come in the upcoming year. Red appeals to everyone and any situation. 

Don’t forget the glitter! 

Glitter seems like it was made for the New Year, don’t you think? Integrate it into your own home’s décor by celebrating the start of a new decade by placing glitter all along your table. It will bring an extra layer to your dining room table that will make the last meal of the year be exactly what it needs to be: whimsical and fun.