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Tips for creating that perfect guest room

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Any guest room should be made up of more than a decent dresser and cozy bed — It’s a great place to introduce style.

So, let’s wow your visitors by flexing your creative muscles. That means finding quality décor, fine furniture and a few accent pieces.

When designing your guest room, keep your visitors in mind. Make sure they have a comfortable bed to sleep in, make sure they have a place to store all their belongings and keep the whole space low maintenance.

Quality furniture and lighting

Choosing quality furniture should always start with a bed. Find one that’s sturdy and comfortable with a rigid frame. The bedding you choose can help you decide on wall paint and décor colours. If you want plain bedding, introduce some detailed pillows for a little diversity.

Once you’ve selected your bed, it’s crucial to have proper lighting, in case your guests get up in the early hours, or they like nighttime reading. Ideally, your guest room should have layered lighting. Include overhead lights and dimmer lights to suit different parts of the space.


Lamps are also a great way to introduce some style to your room, with different heights, shapes, and colours. If your guest room has a window, natural lighting is a great way to liven up your living space.

Your guest room should be your visitor’s home away from home, and your furniture should reflect that. Have a desk in case guests need to get some work done, or blackout blinds so that your guests can sleep longer in the morning.

 A generous amount of storage

Storage is a common issue because you never know how much luggage they’re going to bring. Choose a dresser that fits the size of your space and you should be covered for most items. If you have a small sitting area, ottomans and chests are excellent places to store just about anything.


If you have closet space, make sure there are enough hangers. There’s nothing more irritating to your guest than having nowhere to put their clothes from their suitcases or bags after a long journey.

Keep it low-maintenance

It’s important to keep the guest room simple and tidy. You can still have the high-quality bed, but the bedding should be easy to clean, and your furniture should be kept safe from spills. Your guests may have children or pets, so easy-to-clean surfaces are the way to go.


Not only is dust unsightly and unhealthy, it can also make cleaning a tiresome bore. Use storage to reduce dust-attracting clutter and consider choosing décor that is easy to pick up and organize. Keeping your guest bedroom low-maintenance has a lot to do with preventing things before they happen.

When it comes to creating that perfect guest room, planning and anticipating what your guests will need is key. Choosing appropriate and stylish furniture, including ample storage space for your guests, and keeping your guest bedroom low-maintenance will make things easy for yourself and your visitors.