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What Kind of Fireplace Should I Add to my Home?

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There is nothing quite like a fireplace to heat up your room and breathe new life into your spaces. A fireplace is truly a one-of-a-kind approach to adding elegance to your home. It’s a known act that people love fireplaces, so add one with confidence.  

Our showroom features a wealth of fireplaces ready to be installed into your home. First thing’s first, though: you must choose the fireplace that is perfect for your home. Below are a few of the most popular styles of fireplaces. Choose the best one for your home, and enjoy it for years to come! 

Gas burning 

For homes that already have a gas line near the living room/family room, the hard part is already done. Homes without a gas line need to seriously consider the benefits of a gas burning fireplace before adding one to the home. Gas isn’t right for every home: ensure it’s ideal for yours before making the jump. 

The biggest benefits to a gas burning fireplace is that you don’t have to worry about hauling wood or splitting it outside in the cold just to get a fire started. Simply activate the fireplace with the touch of a button and you have real flames heating up the home. Many gas burning fireplaces even come with a remote; activating the fireplace becomes as simple as turning on your television. 

It can be a bit pricey. Expect to pay at least a few thousand dollars to install the fireplace and run a gas line if your home does not already have one. But it eliminates that crackling and wood burning smell so many people enjoy. It’s the best option for those that want a traditional fireplace without dealing with the wood. 

Electric fireplace

Electric if possible 

What about if you don’t care about having real flames in the home either? One of the most cost-effective solutions is to integrate an electric fireplace into the home.  

It comes with plenty of advantages. For starters, since nothing is actually burning in an electric fireplace it provides the least impact on one’s health while allowing owners to properly adjust the heat setting. These almost always use a remote and simulate flames via an LED screen on the outside of the fireplace. Think of it more like a giant heater than a fireplace. 

It may not be the real thing but even so, an electric fireplace is a great compromise for those that want the look and feel of a fireplace without the baggage that comes with owning one. This option will only cost you a few hundred dollars rather than a few thousand. 

Do you really need a wood fireplace? 

Look, there’s nothing that can truly replace the look and feel of a wood fireplace. If you currently have a hole cut to fit a wood fireplace, your hard work is already done for you. From there, installing a wood fireplace is about as expensive as installing a gas fireplace. If you need a mason to cut a hole in your home for a fireplace, the amount for a wood fireplace essentially doubles. 

Consider the access you have to wood as well. Can you keep up with the demand? Are you comfortable with the upkeep that a wood burning fireplace demands? Ensure you are not biting off more than you can proverbially chew before committing to installing a wood burning fireplace into your home.