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Bring Your Home To Life With Grey Décor

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Think decorating your home with grey décor is a boring idea? Think again. Don’t call it a comeback – the beauty of grey never really left.

Instead, we’ll call it a renaissance. With grey becoming more popular, there are more options than ever to implement just the right tone of grey into any home décor project you may have.

Whether you want to decorate a room that feels cool like a wintertime breeze or bright and vibrant like a day on the beach or anything in between, you can make it look amazing with by properly implementing the right grey tone.

Layering with lighting

Decorating your home with grey décor begins with understanding how to properly implement lighting. Because grey is the same colour as a shadow, overhead lighting can seriously take away from the décor you’re trying to achieve by casting harsh shadows. To avoid using overhead lighting, opt for a variety of different light sources – such as table and floor lamps.

Pillows on grey furniture

Whether you currently own grey furniture or you’re thinking about buying new furniture to decorate around your space, reach out to Guaranteed A Fine Furniture so we can assist in this endeavour. Whatever the case may be, one of the most inexpensive ways to decorate around your grey furniture is by adding appropriate pillows.

White accent pillows look gorgeous when layered on grey upholstery, but you don’t have to stop there. Consider adding high-sheen pillows that complement the rest of your home’s décor. For example, if you’re proud of an antique armoire that stands proudly in your space, consider adding a bold, natural colour such as dark red or even a bold purple to bring out the best in each piece.

Don’t opt for the ‘old standby’

There is no reason to implement generic cold, run-of-the-mill greys (i.e. the first type of grey that tends to pop into our heads); if you want this colour then great, but know that there are plenty of choices available. One such colour is greige – a grey slightly mixed with brown or beige. This fun grey is one of the many answers to ensuring the grey you choose doesn’t make your room cold and dull: greige also ensures that whatever your decorating style may be, it’s flexible enough to accommodate.

Warm grey, warm décor

Speaking of greige and greys with a similar temperature, always keep in mind how the tone will make the room feel. If you want to add warmth to a room, the last thing you want to do is choose an industrial grey as your base that’s going to make the room feel confused. Choose a grey that’s going to compliment the tone you are going for. And if you want to make your grey even warmer? Consider implementing fabrics into your space: area rugs, drapes, and throw blankets can add a touch of comfort to an otherwise colder room.

The flexible base

As you can clearly see, grey is one of the most flexible bases you can add to your décor. While choosing the right tone to decorate around your spaces is key, there is enough flexibility to layer and add décor pieces that can help you to pull off exactly the type of statement you’re going for. Use your imagination, get creative, and embrace the often misunderstood beauty of grey!