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One massive piece of wall artwork in a living room.

How to Choose Art For the Living Room

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One of the biggest challenges in interior design is finding that perfect look for your home – especially when it comes to wall art. There’s arguably no bigger challenge than the living room, which every person that enters your home will inevitably walk into. Even so, choosing the right art for these spaces doesn’t have to be complicated or even stressful (you might even find it fun).

Know the size you will need

Shopping for artwork without knowing the size of your space is like shopping for a car without measuring the space of your garage: it’s just something you don’t do. It’s easy to gauge wall art (especially if your living room has mostly bare walls at the moment) but what about standing art? Take note of where in the living room you may want to display art and measure the dimensions. If you find some fantastic standing art (e.g. a statue), knowing the dimensions is paramount. Know before you buy!

Choose a piece with meaning

Anybody can visit an art store and find mass produced art. But what’s the point if the piece has no meaning to you? This isn’t to discount mass produced art – if a piece speaks to you then that’s what matters – but don’t hang art just to avoid the white space on your walls. It’s better to have excessive white space than art that has no value or meaning to you. Remember: only buy it if you love it.

A wide, open living room with lots of natural light.

Choose artistic pieces that say something about you. Even if you have an old painting in your attic that has seen better days, put it on display! Pieces that mean something to you are the most cherished – plus, they make good conversation pieces. The more unique the piece the better: that’s not just something you will agree upon, it’s what your guests feel, too.

One large piece or multiple? Whatever you choose, mix and match.

Do you want your living room to have one giant piece hanging on the wall or is it better to have multiple? Only you can decide but know this: if opting for one artistic piece ensure that it’s bold and large. It needs to be the focal point of the room and an ordinary wooden framed photo that’s no bigger than your iPad isn’t going to cut it.

To play it safe, you may want to opt for smaller, multiple artistic pieces at first .Create a gallery if you want to display smaller pieces of art. Make your guests feel like they are walking through an art gallery every time they browse past and through the living room. Do the pieces not match? No problem! Feel free to randomly place the pieces throughout the walls. Hang a mix of photographs and paintings; bold gold frames and generic black frames; loose-leaf photos and metal art. Layer, layer, and layer some more to create a look that guests won’t soon forget!

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