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A gorgeous TV stand, perfectly sized to accommodate a small TV.

How to Choose the Perfect TV Stand For Your Layout

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Buying a TV stand that’s appropriate for the layout of each room is something most of us never consider. Still, it’s essential that you carefully choose the perfect television stand for every room of your home. Contrary to what you may believe they are not, ‘one-size-fits-all,’ nor can you put it on any stable surface and be done with it. The right TV stand will not only look perfect in your space, but it will also make it simple to view the television comfortably. That brings us to our first point…

The stand must provide a comfortable viewing height (especially in the bedroom)

Placing a television atop a bedroom dresser isn’t going to cut it. Sure, it’s convenient and it’s one less thing to put in the bedroom but this can lead to serious neck strain. Before buying a television stand, sit in a position that is most comfortable for you (the recommended television height is approximately 42-inches though your mileage may vary depending on your seating arrangement).

Measure the height of the television. Next, measure how tall the television stand must be in order to watch at a good eye level. Factoring in both measurements, you will have a good idea as to what the maximum height of the television stand must be.

Keep in mind your television and room size

Saving space may be important to you, but if you have a large television, there’s no getting around safety. You must purchase a television stand that is capable of safely hold your television. The last thing you want to do is to buy a stand that’s too small, causing your television to topple.

A gorgeous room with a TV above a fireplace.

Wayfair has a helpful list that shows the minimum width a TV stand should be by size. For televisions:

Under 32-inches (which is increasingly rare), the minimum width a TV stand must be is 28 inches.

  • A 32-49 inch television must have a minimum width of 30-45 inches.
  • A 50-54 inch television must have a minimum width of 46-49 inches.
  • A 55-59 inch television must have a minimum width of 50-53 inches.
  • A 60-64 inch television must have a minimum width of 54-57 inches.
  • A 65-69 inch television must have a minimum width of 58-62 inches.

Televisions 70 inches or larger must have a minimum width of 63 inches.

Need entertainment storage?

While most TV stands feature entertainment storage, some offer more storage than others; minimalist stands offer way less than the usual. Keep in mind how much storage space you need for your home entertainment needs. While you probably have less physical media than ever before, you probably still have discs you want to store. Think about your gaming consoles and/or computers: do you need a place to store those, controllers, and other accessories?

Buying a television stand isn’t a passive purchase like a remote control or even a console controller: it takes planning to ensure you purchase the right one for your home’s spaces. Choosing the wrong one can be detrimental to how you use your television, your organizational needs, and the space available. Plan accordingly and avoid the grief of buying a TV stand that doesn’t fit into your environment.

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