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How to Decorate a Child’s Bedroom

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Bedroom Sets That Will Transition with your kids.

By Richard

Think decorating your child’s room is as simple as placing a bed, dresser, and toy chest into the bedroom? Think again. When decorating a child’s bedroom, you literally have to get into the mind of your child. The furniture you purchased for your own bedroom isn’t suited for your child, which brings us to our first tip: purchase furniture that is height-appropriate. Buying an ordinary coat rack or dresser isn’t going to be used if your child cannot reach all of the drawers, hangers, etc.

Interestingly enough, this logic doesn’t apply to the child’s bed…

Don’t buy a twin-sized bed 

When your toddler is ready to graduate to a real bed, you may be tempted to purchase a twin-sized bed to accommodate their size. Don’t. Instead, buy a queen-sized bed. Although they may be small enough to fit comfortably into a twin-sized bed now, in a few years (or whenever they hit their growth spurt), they will outgrow the bed. It’s better to purchase a bed that’s a little too big for them now and allow them to grow into it instead of having to purchase two beds.

If you’re worried they won’t be able to crawl into the bed, buy a child’s stool. This will allow them to reach their new bed with ease while also aiding them with reaching other areas of the home (such as the kitchen cabinet where you hide his/her favourite snacks).


You can easily add a book case to this set that will las your teen a lifetime.

Buy built-in shelves

Instead of buying a bookshelf and other shelves that will take up floor space, buy built-in shelves and install them into the walls. Not only do built-in shelves save on room space and look great, but it will also give you even more room for the child’s book, trophies, figurines, and other items they want to display. Moreover, when the child leaves for college and you want to turn his/her bedroom into a study or den, built-in shelves will allow you to make this transition with relative ease.


Buy it for life

It pays (literally) to invest in a few high-quality items that your child will be using for years to come – but invest in furniture that makes sense. For example, if you are on a budget, there is no reason to purchase an expensive toy box whenever the child will probably stop using it when he/she transitions into adolescence. Yet, the dresser you purchase for the child as a toddler will almost certainly be used when the child has become a teenager; the same goes for the child’s bed as well. Purchase items made to last decades – but purchase these high-end, expensive items wisely. If it can be used by anyone at any age, it’s fair game. 

Lighting is a must

Ensure that you purchase different types of lighting for the child’s bedroom: a desk lamp for doing homework, a side table lamp whenever the child wants to read, and so on. Lighting not only helps the child to play and do homework with ease, but it will also keep them from damaging their eyes due to a lack of light. Plus, getting up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night won’t be such a chore when they can flick on a lamp by their bed and navigate throughout their room.

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