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An elegant, open dining room. In the center are four chairs and a table.

How to Decorate a Dining Room

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If it’s time to give your old dining room a much-needed face-lift, you’re in luck! Re-decorating your dining room can be one of the most exciting and rewarding rooms to decorate in the home. As we see traditional décor rules go by the wayside in exchange for off-the-cuff, anything goes décor trends, there is no room that practices this new ideology better than the dining room.

Below are a few of Guaranteed A Fine Furniture’s tips for decorating your dining room in an exciting and dynamic way.


Wallpaper isn’t just a decorative artifact that belongs in the 20th century: it has been making a comeback in a bold way over the last few years. Don’t expect to find that outdated wallpaper your mother used, though. Modern wallpaper is exciting, it’s vibrant, complex, and bold. Look at the patterns that are now offered, find something you like, and grace your dining room with it to create an amazing new look that you just cannot get from traditional painting.


What is it about chalkboards that makes dining rooms fun? Maybe it’s the creative touch that’s on display or perhaps the homely, do-it-yourself vibe that resonates with this décor choice. Whatever your opinion on the matter, a chalkboard is perfect for displaying a menu when you have dinner parties. Give dishes a witty name and watch your guest’s faces light up.

A dining room chair and a small dining table, decorated with a beautiful set of red flowers.

What about when you’re not having dinner guests, though? No problem! It’s a chalkboard so its versatility is obvious. Write quotable quotes, important reminders, funny pictures, or an intricate design. Use your imagination and your dining room’s décor will look magnificent!

Bright upholstery

If decorating your kitchen means getting rid of your old seating and swapping it with something new, now is the time to opt for brighter upholstery. We guarantee that you guests will be impressed when they walk into your dining room and notice the bright seating. Bright upholstery makes a statement for those entering for the first time, so it’s important to make it count. Choose upholstery that’s got the brightness factor: bright yellows and even pinks are applicable.

Create a picture gallery

You know that feeling you get when you sit in a diner and you look over at a wall and notice that it’s littered with framed pictures? There’s no consistency there yet it’s exciting, compelling, and you cannot turn your eyes away. You must keep looking until you notice every picture. It keeps patrons invested – and that’s exactly what you want to do in your dining room. Hang photos of your family members, children’s artwork, photographs from places you’ve visited, or even random pictures you’ve found on the Internet that resonate with you. A picture gallery will help you strike whatever mood you want for your dining room.

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