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How to Decorate Your Home For Winter

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There is nothing more exhilarating than decorating your home for Winter. Your Christmas decorations are finally brought out of the attic and adorned across your home for the world to see. It’s truly a magical time. But what if it’s time to update your Winter décor and approach it in a different manner? 

Leave it to our showroom to assist you with adding new Winter décor to your home. Stop by Guaranteed A Fine Furniture and discover how we can transform your home into the Winter wonderland of your dreams. Until then, consider a few quick tips on how to decorate your home for Winter. 

Winter wreath on the front door 

Nothing says ‘welcome to Winter’ quite like a wreath adorning the front door. The beauty of winter wreaths is that you can customize them to look any way you wish. A store purchased wreath complete with snow and seasonal themes are fine, but consider making your own! A winter wreath with pinecones and greenery from the season are all fair game and will look elegant hung on any door. 


Make the entryway/mudroom set the tone 

It’s important to set the tone here, mainly because winter is the time when your entryway/mudroom is used the most, so ensure it’s inviting. Be sure the room has a coat rack and an area where shoes can be placed out of the way. To give your room a more festive feel, consider adding fake snow or green garland around the room, and maybe even a model snowman in a corner. It will feel like people are walking into a snowy wonderland! 

Decorate the mantle with magnolia leaves 

One of the most difficult decisions comes from deciding how long to leave up the garland after Christmas. Does leaving it up for too long afterwards look like you are holding onto Christmas for a bit too long? It’s a conundrum. Garlands look great and are certainly ideal for the Winter season, but they belong with Christmas. 

Make a suitable compromise with magnolia leaves. they brighten up the mantle the same way your Christmas garland does, but it’s more suitable for general Winter décor. Now, guests won’t be scratching their heads wondering why you left your garland up! 

Blue Candles

Can’t go wrong with blue candles 

What is it about candles that seem to go perfect with cold weather? Candles can add a small yet elegant touch to any Winter décor. The classic white winter candles sitting on silver candlestick holders are too mainstream. Although it’s a good look, consider going colder. 

Think about adding blue candle instead. It makes your space feel winter-y without relying on the old standbys that guest have seen a million times. There’s nothing wrong with either, though! If you wish to stand out and make your home a bit more unique, blue is the way to go.