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A couple plans where they will place their furniture in their new home.

How to Furnish a New Home

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Just because you’ve moved into a new home doesn’t mean you’re starting entirely from scratch.  You already have some of the essentials covered. That brings us to our first point:

Take stock in what you already own

You’re not going to want to throw out everything when you move. You may be in the mood to upgrade your home’s essentials, like bedding, seating, or dining, but you might already own decorative pieces that are ready for your new home.

Take a look at your current home’s furniture and decor: do you like how you’ve decorated? If so, you can take that concept and apply it to your new home.

A couple places a modern arm chair near a pair of packing boxes.

Don’t know where to start? Start in your bedroom.

When your living situation needs a serious facelift, your bedroom is the best place to start – after all, when you spend so much time in one room, you want to ensure it’s decorated to your liking.

At the very least, opt for new bedding (don’t skimp on the thread count, though), and consider a new mattress and bed frame. Paint the room in a tone that will make you feel the most comfortable and at ease. If natural colours that feel plucked straight out of nature puts you in your ‘happy place,’ consider a soothing yellow or a peaceful green.

Know your priorities

Not every room is created equally. The look of your living room and kitchen is more important than the laundry room, for example. Think about where you will be spending the bulk of your time in the home and furnish accordingly.

For example, since you will be entertaining guests in the living room, it’s important to place an emphasis on seating and comfort. The goals of your home office are different, as your comfort takes precedence. As furniture accomplishes different things in different rooms, careful planning will help you get the most out of your spaces.

A classic dining room and living room, fully furnished.

Stay organized throughout the process

When moving into a new home, it’s important to do it right. Use this opportunity to stay organized. This way, once you’re finally done unpacking your home will look like the dream home you’ve envisioned rather than an unkempt mess.

Since moving to a new home is always about new beginnings, use this opportunity to keep the home organized, tidy, and with enough free space to decorate accordingly. You’ve worked hard to get your new home: keep it organized so you can furnish it appropriately!