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A mixed and matched selection of pillows on a grey sectional couch, with wooden nesting table in the middle.

Mixing-and-Matching Furniture

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If you’re worried about having to change everything in your house to accommodate a new piece of furniture, we have some good news: mixing and matching is in.

Mixing furniture styles can be difficult, but we at Guaranteed A Fine Furniture want to help you on your way. Below are a few key tips to ensure your space looks at its best.

Stick with neutral colours (just to be safe)

If your room’s furniture already utilizes neutral colours, play it safe. This ensures that despite the mixing-and-matching, your rooms’ overall look stays competent yet compelling. That doesn’t mean you can’t go a bit outside the box, though.

Decorate around the most important furniture piece in the room

If utilizing only neutral colours in your room isn’t possible, consider decorating around the most important piece of furniture in the room – its focal point. For example, in the family room, the focal piece of furniture is likely your sofa: if so, place chairs and other furniture pieces in a way that invites conversation. For a bedroom, consider adding seating around the bed to entice conversation or nightly reading.

A mixed and matched selection of chairs around a bright wooden table.

Choose an odd piece to be the focal point

Want to make your spaces truly pop? If you have an odd piece of furniture – a peculiar painting or a funky glass coffee table – integrate your furniture around the odd piece and allow it to be the focal point. The trick is to ensure that whenever anyone enters the room, their eyes instantly go to the focal point while the rest of the room simultaneously blends around them. It creates a truly one-of-a-kind layering effect that is just as unique as the focal point you are decorating around!

Link them by similarities

For example, if you have a rug and a sofa that are the same shade, layer them to make them appear as if they are part of the same piece. It’s the same concept behind the focal point: by properly layering your furniture pieces by similarity you are going to create an effect that seems sensible yet original and captivating. Your guest is going to love it: most importantly, you will too.

Ensure your pieces work together

This can be difficult – especially when your furniture pieces are so different. Find what makes them common, though. The neutral example is a perfect way to let them work together; link them by colour to showcase their commonalities. Further, place pieces like fabric, style, and even the scale of the furniture pieces together to create a look that ensures your pieces work together fluidly and appropriately despite your pieces being so vastly different. No matter how you spin it, mixing-and-matching your furniture pieces creates a fun look that’s going to get your guests’ attention!

Need extra help? Then don’t wait! Stop by our showroom and let us show you the way.