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How to Organize and Decorate Shelves

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Why do shelves always seem to be one of the first things that are unorganized and in serious need of a face-lift? If you are battling cluttered bookshelves or wall shelves, our organizing tips will help you. It doesn’t have to be difficult! Below are a few of our favourite tips for organizing and decorating the part of the home that always seems to need the most TLC.

Display leaning décor (and other hard-to-display items)

Decorative items like commemorative plating and other leaning décor belong on shelves. You don’t want to hang them on a wall, or sit them in a drawer to be forgotten. Put them on full display on an appropriate shelf in your home. Consider adding a shadow box for older items you don’t want to be touched. For everything else – wall shelves, bookshelves, any kind of shelves really – proudly display your décor that leans and is awkward to showcase elsewhere.

Use the opportunity to add décor that resonates with you

Quantity over quality never results in anything satisfying – especially in terms of your home décor. Don’t litter your shelves with random knick-knacks that don’t mean a thing to you: display décor that resonates with you instead. Display items that take you back to a place and time. It could be anything from a heirloom given to you by a grandparents to something as random as a keychain that reminds you of a weekend camping trip. If it speaks to you and reminds you of days past, put it on display!

A selection of organized square shelves.

Shelves are perfect for showing off your organizational skills

Do you pride yourself on being a good organizer? No? That’s okay! Use colour-coded labels on storage boxes and holders to keep order to your shelves. If you are organizing a bookshelf and want to store a multitude of papers, magazines, and other looser items that needed to be organized yesterday, place them in suitable containers. Magazine holders, containers, and other boxes to safely store them without looking like the bookshelf is busting at the seams.

Consistency and uniformity are key to organizing your belongings. Don’t just throw random items on the shelf. Arrange items by colour, shape, etc. Play around with the looks, the shapes, and the colours. Find a uniform method for decorating your shelves. We guarantee that you will be pleased with how it looks.

It doesn’t all have to match!

Your shelves need to be consistent and uniform. Not everything has to match! Bookshelves are used for more than displaying books and loose-leaf items. Mixing in metallic décor like an antique jewelry box or something as simple as a flower vase to add an extra layer of colour to the mix. Chaotically organize if you must, but ensure there is a system to the madness and room for inventiveness. A little creativity can breathe new life into your shelving.

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