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A man measures the width of a closet door.

Understanding the Basics of Measuring New Furniture

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Choosing new furniture isn’t as simple as stopping by your favourite showroom, picking out an appealing piece, and scheduling to have it delivered to your home.

Not only is it a bad idea to rush furniture purchases altogether, it’s vital that you know how to properly measure your spaces to ensure each piece will fit in the first place. Use this resource to properly measure your furniture: once you’re done, measure for the rest of your home’s spaces.

Measure where furniture will pass through

You’re not going to want to throw out everything when you move. You may be in the mood to upgrade your home’s essentials, like bedding, seating, or dining, but you might already own decorative pieces that are ready for your new home.

A couple carries a couch closer to a large window as they unpack.

Take a look at your current home’s furniture and decor: do you like how you’ve decorated? If so, you can take that concept and apply it to your new home.

Measure length of the room’s entrance to the far wall

Even if you don’t plan to place your furniture against the room’s furthest wall, it’s important to measure the entire length of your space’s entrance to the far wall. After all, each piece will be entering these spaces, and it’s a good idea to know how it’s going to fit.

Will you need to reorganize certain pieces to make the furniture fit, or can you bring the entire piece in without having to reorganize anything? Making this measurement will tell you everything you need to know.

Know the length and width of the room

It’s important to measure the entire length and width of where the furniture will be sitting. This will allow you to determine if your furniture can sit comfortably in a certain area of the room or if you need to move it to another space altogether (or if you need to choose a different piece for that spot).

A gorgeous modern living room with a TV and L-shaped couch.

Also measure the unique features of the room, such as the height and width of windows, doorways, fireplaces, corners of the room, and anything that could get in the way of placing the furniture. If you do have to decorate around one of these features, knowing how much space you have will make all the difference.

Is your space the best one?

These measurements are essential to choosing the best furniture for your space and that you have enough room for each piece. If you have any further questions on making measurements or if you want to double-check to make certain we have the perfect furniture pieces for your spaces, reach out to Guaranteed A Fine Furniture and learn about what we can do for you!