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Simple Office Decorating Tips For Small Space

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Just because you have a small space to work doesn’t mean you have to give up any office decorating tips. There are many approaches you can take to not only ensure your office looks presentable but will be the envy of your clients.

At Guaranteed A Fine Furniture, we know that you are going to love the transformation of your home office. Below are our favourite tips for breathing new life into your office space.

Spare closet in the office?

If you’ve converted a small bedroom into a home office, chances are the room has a closet. Are you currently using the closet? If not, consider moving this office decorating tip to the top of your. Instead of using the closet to store things you don’t need, move your workstation into the closet. Don’t move everything into the office – keep the wireless printer and file cabinets in their normal area – just move the bare necessities needed to work. Consider implementing a desk lamp for extra lighting, and you have a space that’s perfect for sitting down and focusing on your work.

The minimal approach

It doesn’t matter how small your workspace may be: implementing a simple white chair and desk/table is the perfect office decorating tip for any home office. The simplicity of the combo won’t make the space feel too cluttered most of the time. If it feels too cluttered still, consider placing the chair in another part of the house and converting the table into a standing desk instead: it saves space, it looks modern, and you’ll feel healthier.

Guaranteed A Fine Furniture - Office

Decorate with plants

Utilizing colour is a great way to achieve office decorating in a small space – and what better way than to do it the natural way? Strategically place plants in your home office to make the office feel more open. Consider placing plants near the door, windows, and on the edge of your desk. It’s also a great way to separate your workstation from the rest of your office.

Mounted office furniture

When decorating a small space, the floor becomes valuable real estate. To leave your office’s floor for the most important pieces of furniture, consider hanging mounted furniture such as bookshelves and cabinets. This will allow you to store your important items while ensuring you don’t have to use furniture that sits on the floor and wastes space. Plus, it looks modern and elegant.

Section-off areas with a rug

Need another Windsor decor tip? Separate your workstation from the rest of your office furniture. While you could use the typical office decorating approach of sectioning it off with curtains, there’s an easier – and dare we say, better – approach. Consider placing one area of your home office on one side of the room while placing another section on the other; place a rug in-between the two spaces to create an artificial barrier. It will make the space look bigger, organized, and more open.

Strategically use lighting

Never underestimate the power of lighting to bring office decorating to the next level. Place lamps, desk lamps, and other types of indirect lighting: hanging light art and other types of mood lighting as a few examples. Place at least one lamp near your desk so you have enough lighting to work but also place them in other spots: near the doorway, in a corner near the ceiling, and anyplace where there isn’t natural light. Speaking of, if your home office has plenty of windows keep them open and let natural sunlight in to make the room look even larger!