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Breathe New Life Into Your Home With Spring Décor

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As we endure the winter months, it can be tempting to implement spring décor into your home despite being in the wrong season.

But if you find yourself saying, ‘enough with winter,’ go ahead and pull the trigger – hey, what’s wrong with adding spring elements a little early? Give yourself a head start this year by choosing to add spring décor into your home now rather than later.

So, where do you start? Right here! Below are a few of our favourite ways to add spring décor into your home this season.

Large rug with natural colours

Your home’s space needs a rug that covers most of the room. The right rug can transform any room from drab and boring to chic and vibrant. Choose a rug that feels like it was taken directly from nature: a bright green that makes you think of the glowing grass of on a sunny spring day or a bold blue that reminds you of afternoon pool parties. If it feels like it belongs in nature, consider implementing it into your space.

Living room couch and chair

Small room, bold wallpaper

If you have a small room that you just don’t know what to do with, consider adding bold spring décor wallpaper to make it really pop. For example, if you have a half-bath that features a copper faucet and gold mirror, decorate around that by adding bold, black-and-gold wallpaper to the room.

Have a mud room with bright wood flooring and a wicker basket in the corner? Choose bright, beige wallpaper with a bold design to bring out the best of the space. When decorated properly, a bold statement in a small space can make the statement even bolder.

Spring-themed focal points

A room that lacks focus can make it feel empty and incomplete. Change that by adding a spring-themed focal point to the room in your home that lacks direction. The trick is to create a statement in such a way that everyone’s eyes will immediately gaze on the focal point in the room.

To get your home ready for spring, make this focal point spring-themed. For example, if your home office is merely a desk and a chair consider adding bright wall art that utilizes spring colours: baby blues, deep yellows, you get the idea. When in doubt, always keep in mind that the perfect rug can truly bring the space together – a deep blue rug that compliments your wooden desk and bold, black office chair could be just the thing to tie your room together.

Living room with large wall art

Plants, plants, plants

Your space wouldn’t feel like springtime without implementing natural plants into your home. Add hanging pots if your home has hooks to accommodate them to add another layer of springtime to your space. Further, add sitting plants to the unused corners of your home to make it feel like a garden come to life. Of course, you can also add dwarf trees and other plant life that makes fruit to make your home feel and smell like you’re visiting your favourite orchard on a spring, Sunday afternoon.

Want even more tips on adding a touch of springtime to your home’s spaces? Reach out to Guaranteed A Fine Furniture today to find the answer to your home’s décor. We will make your home spring-ready – we guarantee it!