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Need a Study Space? Add a Desk to Your Bedroom

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No matter if you need a place to work or a quiet space to study: appropriately implementing a desk into your bedroom is paramount. It’s the most important touch to any productive study space. Consider some of Guaranteed A Fine Furniture’s tips for adding a study desk to a bedroom.

Place a desk in front of a window

If your bedroom has a window, try to place your desk in front of it – even if it means you have to reorganize your entire room! A simple window can bring a relaxing aura and ease to your study space as natural sunlight seeps into the bedroom and across your desk. This is especially helpful during long study sessions, where it’s easy to become restless.

Be sure to keep your desk clean and tidy. No matter how relaxing, the natural lighting making its way into your study station will only highlight the mess and any dust on your desk. A messy desk reduces productivity, so be proactive about cleanliness.

Create a distinct space for study, another for sleeping

If you want to be at your most productive, don’t merge your study and sleep spaces together. Keep them separated! The best way to do this is to place a distinct rug under your study station and, if possible, another under your bed.

A small study area in a bedroom, separated from the bed by a wall.

Likewise, consider decorating your study station one way with the rest of the room another way. The trick is to ensure your desk and study station looks and feels different than the rest of the room. This creates boundaries and a distinct space for productivity.

Corners make the best study stations

If your bedroom has a corner that is not being utilized, this is the perfect opportunity to create a study station that truly shines. It’s the perfect spot to create a distraction-free zone.

Feel free to add the bare minimum at first: desk, chair, task lamp. If you have room to expand, add little decorations that are appealing but not disruptive. Corners are also useful because they allow you to create distinct, separated spaces while having enough room for your essentials.

Standing desks save serious room

If you are tight on space and need a place where you can get a lot of work/schoolwork done, consider a standing desk instead. While it isn’t optimal for long periods of study, it’s hard to beat the productivity that comes with standing and working. Many standing desks are also adjustable.

If you need to sit when you study, just bring in your favourite chair so you can sit down and study comfortably. This creates a flexible space that works well if you don’t have a lot of space to give up in your bedroom.

Need extra help with adding a study station to your bedroom? Stop by our showroom today.